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Life Size Santa Sleigh

The Real Olde World Santa has commissioned all of us at Shale Hills to work with his elves and build a Real Life Size Santa Sleigh right here at the farm! We used Santa's own hand drawn design and worked under his close supervision to create this wonderful addition to the farm!

Decked out in all it's Christmas splendor, this sleigh is painted Santa Claus Red. Your family will look great as you climb aboard and sit for an amazing photo, it could be your family's Christmas postcard!


Santa himself has been known to climb aboard his sleigh and visit with all the good little boys and girls. What a wonderful photo op to catch Santa posing with your family! If you're lucky enough Santa might have his head Elf Jingle with him!


Just another great attraction for your family to enjoy at Shale Hills Farms Winter Wonderland! 

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Santas Sleigh Project 2017 at Shale Hill
santa in sleigh with jingle shale hills
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